• The ENDOCRINE disorder known as Cushing's disease - named after the American neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing - was something of a novelty in horses when I began working at Glasgow University's veterinary school in the late 1980s.

  • With THE season’s first foals already on the ground, thoughts turn to what this year’s breeding season might hold. 

  • THE RISKS of buying a horse online exposed after animal charities launch a new minimum standards for UK websites with Defra backing.

  • World renowned farrier Jim Ferrie is the latest expert to join an elite team being created to offer some of very best equine treatment in the north of England.



  • If you glance around the horsey press and look closely at all the adverts you will undoubtedly see magnesium mentioned on numerous occasions.

  • After the wettest winter on record, many of us have fields that leave a lot to be desired.
    Some parts will have been under water for weeks on end and there will almost certainly be areas that have been heavily poached.

  • Weaning can be a traumatic time for mare and foal, both psychologically and nutritionally, but with a bit of planning and preparation it needn't be too traumatic for either.

  • Temperatures are forecast to be high this weekend, so keep your horse cool with these tips from The Equine Vet Clinic.

  • By the time you read this we will, hopefully, be having weather more akin that expected at this time of year.

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