• When I started in equine practice it was pretty safe to assume that four out of five horses presenting with hindlimb lameness would have bone spavin or osteoarthritis of the small hock joints.

  • Summer usually brings relief for horses suffering from allergic respiratory disease - the equine equivalent of asthma caused by dust and moulds in hay and straw bedding that is now called recurrent airway obstruction, or RAO.

  • The ENDOCRINE disorder known as Cushing's disease - named after the American neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing - was something of a novelty in horses when I began working at Glasgow University's veterinary school in the late 1980s.

  • With THE season’s first foals already on the ground, thoughts turn to what this year’s breeding season might hold. 



  • Water is the single most important nutrient for all mammals.

  • If you glance around the horsey press and look closely at all the adverts you will undoubtedly see magnesium mentioned on numerous occasions.

  • After the wettest winter on record, many of us have fields that leave a lot to be desired.
    Some parts will have been under water for weeks on end and there will almost certainly be areas that have been heavily poached.

  • Weaning can be a traumatic time for mare and foal, both psychologically and nutritionally, but with a bit of planning and preparation it needn't be too traumatic for either.

  • Temperatures are forecast to be high this weekend, so keep your horse cool with these tips from The Equine Vet Clinic.

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