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Tricia leads dressage festival

SNEC hosted Scotland's second Petplan Area Dressage Festival, a direct qualifier for the final at Hartpury in April.

There were vast entries held over a 15-hour day for all the qualifying classes where the top two directly qualified for the final.

The highest scoring test of the day (71.36%) was Angus rider Tricia Hynd with the prelim winner, Evergreen. They are recent converts to dressage after trying eventing finishing third at BE Kirriemuir. The nine-year-old Don Renoir mare was bought as a three-year-old from Jack McGeoch.

"She was broken at six as she was very immature. She is a real sweetheart, but is sadly for sale as she's grown too tall for me," said Tricia.

Local rider Antonina Carmicheal and Winston XXIV also scored more than 70% to win the novice restricted class. Antonina imported the 10-year-old Dutch-bred gelding, by Lester, as a three-year-old.

"I spent most of the time on the ground after he'd buck me off in canter transitions. Elizabeth Rose helped us both right from the beginning. He lacks confidence and then refused to load so Elizabeth helped us both with ground work. He was naughty in the previous day's class where he stopped dead in canter at the flower pots but was much better in this test," admitted Antonina.

Paramedic Nicky Heale from Aberdeen won the open novice and open elementary qualifying classes with the Welsh section D Retanach Request. Nicky has owned the Welsh cob for a year after breaking her ankle in a fall from her own 17.2hh. "I was looking for a smaller horse and a friend suggested I try him. He'd done very little before I got him and was quite nervous but he's really settled now. He's the perfect size for me and tries his heart out," said Nicky.

Bred by Jackie Strathdee, the six-year-old liver chestnut gelding is by Derwen Gentleman. They were seventh at the Royal Highland last year and Nicky would like to show him a little more. Nicky is trained by Judy Harvey and Albert van Schie.

Emma Humble won the the elementary restricted class with Sandro's Fire. Oatridge College HNC equine studies student Emma (18) goes home to Aberdeen after her course to ride.

"I got him in May and we've only been working at elementary level for a few months; to win is just amazing," said Emma (18) who receives help from Jennifer Johnston.

Winning the medium open ticket was Gareth Watt with the experienced Purple Oscar. They scored 68.64%; however it marked the final time in the dressage arena for the 21-year-old IDX grey gelding owned by Alice Page.

"I've been riding him the last three years - I've done the Scottish BYRDs teams, the Home Internationals, and won the medium Scottish Championships last month.

He's taught me so much and is such a good confidence giver," explained Gareth (17).

Linda Prescott-Chalmers had an early start from the Borders to win the medium restricted with Menelaos.

"I train with Jill Grant and Katie Smith. He loves showing off and strutting his stuff," said Linda of Menelaos, a nine-year-old Danish Trakehner.

Fellow Borders rider Katherine Tulluie took time off working at the family's beef and arable farm to win the restricted advanced medium class on 69.56% with Arctic Jazz.

"He can get tense and nervous but as he gets older he's becoming more consistent in his work. I'm going to try an advanced class in December and try for PSG next year," said Katherine, who is trained by Jane Rutherford and Adam Kemp.

West Lothian rider Joy Maclean won the advanced medium qualifier with Donnercresendo.

"He can be quite challenging. I came earlier to let him see the arena and the flower pots and won the warmup test," said Joy.


Med 69 AF (Judges: A Mastin Moore & A Ashley) - 1, Purple Oscar, G Watt 68.64; 2, Adventure, C Leckie 67.88; 3, Wanda II, K Barr 65.45. rest - 1, Menelaos, L Prescott-Clements 65.15; 2, Udolin, A Lauder 64.70; 3, Be A Sport, S Smith 61.82. adv med 85 AF (Judges: A Mastin Moore & A Ashley) - 1, Donnercrescendo, J Maclean 66.76; 2, Adventure 66.03; 3, Wanda II 65.00. rest - 1, Artic Jazz, K Tulluie 69.56; 2, Purple Oscar 66.32; 3, Centre Stage, LA Dobson 63.68. FEI - 1, Knighthawk, J Stuthers 61.97. prelim 19 AF (Judges: A Mastin Moore & I Mackie) - 1, Evergreen, T Hynd 71.36; 2, Doonagore Boy, C Dickens 69.06; 3, Georgia Adare, A Lorimer 68.64. nov 38 rest AF (Judges: A Ashley & M Milne) - 1, Winston XXIV, A Carmichael 71.13; 2, Pentrefelin Serena, J Wisdom 70.97; 3, Cordici K, S Leckie 68.71. nov 38 AF (Judges: M Tiffany & R Kirkman) - 1, Retanach Request, N Heale 68.87; 2, Calerno, K Smith 68.71; 3, Attitude, S Mclellan 68.39. elem 45 AF (Judges: A Ashley & M Milne) - 1, Retanach Request 67.59; 2, Rohan B, S Walker 63.45; 3, Adonis K, S Morton 63.1. rest - 1, Sandro's Fire, E Humble 67.76; 2, Pinksterbloem B, D Marshall 66.72; 3, Balhagarty Lord Thomas, J Eddie 66.38. prelim 13 (Judge: L Lucey) - 1, Cornelia, J Mason 66.67; 2, Jimmy Choo Choo, L Paisley 65.42; 3, Manhattan Whisper, J Punton 60.00. prelim 19 (Judge: H Bowman) - 1, Cornelia 67.73; 2, Jimmy Choo Choo 64.55; 3, Lintavon Zephyr, S Terras 63.64. nov 30 (Judge: L Lucey) - 1, Zwier, M Watson 64.23; 2, Ask Me Why, H Meikle 63.08; 3, Lazelle D'aubery, A Krause 51.15. nov 38 (Judge: L Penman) - 1, Bliss, S Dunlop 69.35; 2, Calisto V, J Hamilton 68.06; 3, Zamaro, K Gardiner 67.42. rest - 1, Pentrefelin Serena 66.13; 2, Pheoby, H Brown 62.90; 3, Zwier 62.58. elem 49 (Judge: H Carstairs) - 1, Calisto V 84.00; 2, Dancer RV, S Dunlop 75.67; 3, Bliss 73.33. rest - 1, Tiamo V, E Sutherland 71.33; 2, Just A Little Bit, F Stryjewski 69.00; 3, Lord Granite, C Watters 64.67. elem 45 (Judge: H Carstairs) - 1, Calisto V 76.55; 2, Bliss 63.79; 3, Caminito, D Bridges 61.72. rest - 1, Lord Granite 64.83; 2, Pheoby 64.48; 3=, Just A Little Bit & Last Chance, K Telfer 64.14. med 69 (Judge: A Mastin Moore) - 1, Uspardie, K Dewar 64.24; 2, Zimbabwe II, H Tan 58.79; 3, Last Chance 53.33. AM 85 (Judge: A Mastin Moore) - 1, Donnercrescendo 65.29.