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Could you rehome a wee horse?

World Horse Welfare is urging the public to consider rehoming as the charity highlights the horses and ponies on its rehoming scheme who have been waiting the longest for a loving home.

SALTER and his companions need rehoming

Each year the charity rehomes around 300 horses and ponies from riding horses to youngsters and companions to project ponies but there are always some beautiful horses and ponies whose search for a new best friend or family can be a longer and more difficult process.

World Horse Welfare is shining the spotlight on the eight horses and ponies waiting the longest for a home at its four UK Rescue and Rehoming Centres in the hope that they can find their ideal partners:

Laura:  Beautiful Laura is a 9 year-old Welsh pony standing at 14hh who came into World Horse Welfare with a severe skin problem called sweet itch that her owners had left untreated. Laura was one of last year’s loneliest ponies, having been looking for a home since August 2014 with no recent applications. She is a very sensitive girl who is too nervous to be ridden and so is looking for a home as a companion where she can build up a bond with her rehomer and put her trust in them. She is at World Horse Welfare’s Aberdeenshire Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Belwade Farm.

Marble: Marble is a gorgeous piebald gelding standing at 12.3hh who is just two years old and is looking for a home where he can be a companion but once he is old enough could be broken in to ride or drive. He came into World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm with a group of five other horses who had been abandoned and were all suffering badly from worm burdens, malnutrition, lice and some with the highly contagious disease, strangles. Marble loves company and is always the first horse to greet anyone in the field. He is a generous, kind-hearted soul with much love to give. He also has a very impressive moustache! Marble is at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset.

Ariel: Ten year old Ariel came into World Horse Welfare’s care emaciated and nervous after being found with a group of other ponies all in a similar condition. Ariel stands at 13.1hh and is looking for a home as a hacking pony for a small adult or competent teenager. She is a very kind mare with a sweet nature but is quite sensitive and worries inwardly so she needs a quiet calm rider who will not put her under too much pressure. Ariel is a fun-loving pony who needs the right rehomer to help her reach her full potential. You can meet her at World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk.

Salter: Five year old Salter came into World Horse Welfare’s care with four other horses (all stallions) who were semi-feral due to having little human contact. Salter has taken a long time to trust people so he needs a home in a quiet environment where someone can give him lots of time to build up his trust and confidence. He has shown excellent aptitude for horse agility so whilst he cannot be ridden, he will make a great partner for someone who wants to take part in this and will be an ideal companion for other horses. He is such a kind, loving pony who just needs time and understanding to help him continue his education and development. Salter is at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset.

Scalding Darren: Four year-old Darren is a stunning registered Welsh pony who is looking for a home as a companion with the potential to make a lovely ridden pony in the future. Darren was removed with a group of 23 other ponies as their owners were unable to cope anymore and were about to lose their grazing land. All of the ponies were underweight and suffering from lice infestations, plus they had little handling. Darren is 11.3hh and is very inquisitive, always wanting a cuddle or to play with the other horses in his paddock. He will make a fantastic addition to any family. Darren is at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset.

Minty: Two year old Minty had a terrible start in life as she was found at just a year old abandoned and emaciated with a group of other horses all in a similar state. She was very weak, had severe diarrhoea and was struggling to stand up as her young body was so malnourished. Since then she has flourished in World Horse Welfare’s care and is now a strong, healthy two year-old standing at 13hh. She is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion where she can be a best friend to both humans and horses. Minty is such a sweet and genuine pony who is really in need of a rehomer who can give her the love she so deserves. Minty is at World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk.

Leonard: Handsome Leonard was born at World Horse Welfare when his mother, Bounty, came in as part of a large welfare case found living in horrific conditions of deep mud, faeces and with only barrels of mouldy bread to eat. Leonard was born five months after Bounty came into World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre so had the best start in life and is now ready for rehoming as a youngster with potential to be ridden in the future once he is old enough. Leonard is a sweet, playful pony who gets on well with others and needs a competent handler to apply consistent boundaries, maintain his good manners and further his education.

Nala: Cheeky Nala is a very cute little pony with a lot of confidence! She is six years old and is looking for a home as a companion but with a rehomer who can manage her playful personality. Nala had a difficult start in life as she was found with a large group of other horses at just one year old, emaciated and with very little food to eat. She loves to be the centre of attention and will not be left alone in the stable or tied up as she always likes to be where the action is taking place. Nala cannot be ridden but will be the ideal companion and would love to go for long walks with her rehomer. Nala is at World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive and Head of UK, Tony Tyler, said: “Whilst we have seen a real surge in interest for rehoming over the last few years, there are often horses and ponies who take a little longer to find a home, whether it is because of their specific needs or simply as they keep getting overlooked.

“All of our horses and ponies have plenty of potential and just because some cannot be ridden, doesn’t mean they can’t still be active and have lots of fun with their rehomers taking part in disciplines like horse agility. Many of our lonely ponies are youngsters who are looking for homes where they can continue their education and we have countless stories of similar horses who went out as youngsters and are now excelling at dressage, showjumping, showing and all Pony Club disciplines thanks to the dedication of their rehomers.

“I’d urge anyone thinking about buying a new horse or pony to always consider rehoming first. I am sure that all of our existing rehomers would agree that you absolutely won’t regret it.”

Rehome a Horse Month 2016, supported by Dodson & Horrell, shines a light on the horses and ponies who are looking for homes but also celebrates the amazing stories of the 1,700 World Horse Welfare horses and ponies currently out in homes around the country from those competing at eventing, dressage, vaulting and showjumping to pleasure driving, hacking, side-saddle and those who provide faithful friendship to their rehomers and equine companions.

“The amazing stories showcased through Rehome a Horse Month not only demonstrate the many benefits of rehoming but also make it clear just how much our horses and ponies are capable of achieving, whatever their background.”

Dodson & Horrell CEO, Sam Horrell said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Rehome a Horse Month, it is important to raise awareness for this great initiative and help find suitable homes for horses and ponies that will give them a new life.  I am excited to hear all about the horses and ponies that have been successfully rehomed.”

You can find out more about rehoming at: http://rehoming.worldhorsewelfare.org/

For more information please call Carys Samuel on: 01953497248 or 07826 871 682 or Jessica Stark on: 07900 994002 or email caryssamuel@worldhorsewelfare.org / jessicastark@worldhorsewelfare.org

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